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About Us

“Truths Half Truths & Deceptions” Why the choice of such a cynical title for a stock blog, you may ask?

Well, after all the scandalous songs and dances routine the Wall Street and the Banksters Boy band have entertained us with over the years, I thought that this would be an apt reminder of the first golden rule of investing – Preservation Of Capital. After all, how many times have we all lost money because we acted on information which we knew told only part of the story (management is taking steps to investigate, management is confident of securing the license… sound familiar?) or misled (we are not aware of any news that ….) but still we acted – bought or sold or held?

So, in a way, “Truth Half Truths & Deceptions” is a moniker to remind readers not to be so impulsive. Information which cannot be verified or enable one to check its authenticity, integrity or reliability should always be used carefully. I like to think that a high percentage of these impulse driven decisions end up generating negative rather than positive returns.

Why start this Blog? Well, to be honest, I don’t really have a specific reason. I suppose this blogging bug could have started in 2012 without me knowing. It begun with a project to train a bunch of guys with little to zilch investment knowledge but were on the front line of equities sales dealing. Obviously with not very impressive resuls. So the challenge was to empower these guys with some investment 101s to meet investing clients expectations plus in the shortest time possible. So I adopted a “Monkey see, monkey do” platform which enabled emulation or copycats as it was the simplest to execute. That mentoring project named “Husky” is now almost into its fourth year.

So this Blog is about my curiosity to see if it can succeed in a more open environment. How it is going to turn out is something I will only find it at some point further down the road. But I am aware that a lot of blogs die a natural death and the attrition rate is high.

So what should you expect from visiting this blog? Well, lying beneath ‘Truths Half Truths & Deceptions’ cover, the contents really are mostly about how I see or feel about stocks, the markets or the opinions of others. It is a running commentary and opinion of issues others have made stands on. Or it could be me just being mystified by a darling stock. Or just pointing you in the direction of what I read and found enlightening.

Finally, a big ‘Caveat Emptor’ for visitors. Information in this site, mine or others, if you do use it, do so with a large bucket of salt. Like all blogs, I am also obligated to warn you I am claiming for the strictest of disclaimers around.

So welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy it!

September 2015