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Mid-Term Elections 2018 vs 2014

Courtesy of Oppenheimer Oppenheimer argues that the Put/Call ratio has hit such extreme pessimistic levels that it augurs well fro a short-term buying opportunity. It does not belive that downturn in market breadth (NYSE advance-decline line) has put in enough time to serve as confirmation that the top of the 2018 cyclical rally has peaked.  Jud...

Yong Tai Falling Knife Can Happen To Anyone.

Sometimes the fate of a stock's price is more dependent on the short term dynamics of the derating catalyst that sparked off a sell-off than fundamentals. It is at times like this that investors really need to pay special attention to whether the technicals at play will overwhelm buyers who defend hold positions by clinging on to fundamentals of...

Apex Not A Mercurial Deal Unless Land Bank Monetization Happens

If you have seen and read this news regarding Apex Equity Holdings (5088) bear in mind that the semantics about the rally is a little overcooked from a volume perspective. By my definition, a rally isn't a strong one unless it is accompanied by broad base buying, which we didn't see much of yesterday. A price jump on 370,3000 units is probably s...

Crisis Investing 101

This headline news in Bloomberg this morning makes perfect sense. I am pretty sure most of us would instantly relate to the advice given. While JPMorgan sees a full frontal assault on asset prices due to the trade war, it does not discount a rebound due to oversold prices, underweighted positions etc. For me, it is the contrarian half that holds...

Trump In More Shit

Thought the post this morning on the US President's past tax dodges deserves an update. I am only now getting time to read more about NYT's investigations - 100,000 pages of records - uncovering some stunning and explosive truths about how Trump lied to evade paying taxes.

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