Truths Half Truths & Deceptions


ConnectCounty Another Block DBT

Here is a flash Wow there is another crossing on ConnectCounty but this time of the ordinary shares. 11 million shares at a price of 17 sen - both DBTs above market prices  What is happening? Press the buttons

ConnectCounty Did Control Just Changed Hands?

Two shareholding transactions this week involving ConnectCounty Holdings (0102) ordinary shares. First, Ace Credit who bought a 12.63% stake on September 15th but reported last Friday. Then last night, Chang Choon Ming emerged as another substantial shareholder.  What's so interesting about this? After all changes in shareholdings of these sizes...

Astino Bhd A Poor Use Of A Rumour

Tuesday's rumour piece on Astino Bhd (7162) turned out to be exactly what I hunched. No momentum in the stock price despite being days away from reporting its final quarter results ended July meant that the rumour could not really be 'trusted'. The release of its results partly explains the situation. QoQ numbers were lower albeit only just but...

Tek Seng IR Battle For The Mind

This is a classic corporate IR (Investors Relationship) response to bad news. See how cleverly Tek Seng Bhd (7200) used the bad news of the retrenchments to salvage the price situation.  Turn the bad news (retrenchment) into a good news (cost savings) while skirting the issues of what contributed to the layoff and the bigger picture consequence...

Dagang Nexchange More Legs Or Not

Here is a full blown non-rated report on Dagang Nexchange (4456)  dnex.sept.16.pdf Nice story. Shame the report only came out now. 

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