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Kronologi Acceleration Heat

A nice call by INDULGE last month on Kronologi (0176) with a big one month gain of near 40%. I think the heat map shows that this is getting a little overheated not withstanding all the nice things I see being mentioned in the media this week. Too many good things. No harm being a bit sane to watch the overbought indicators next week Today is d...


By REDLIGHT If true, this is a sexy idea. Dayang will list one of its subsidiaries with an attractive offer of 1 IPO share for 10 shares held. Looking at the segmental contributions below, my guess is rental

Top 30 Penny Stocks Focus Malaysia

FYI and reading pleasure. How true - it is not what you buy but when. Some of the names, you will never think in a million years that it will do well at the beginning of this year. You need to wear technical goggles to do that i.e. charting.

EForce That Mysterious Invisible Force

I can see that EForce (0065) share price has continued to creep upwards since my rumour post last week rising about 10% since then with most of the gains since Wednesday. This past 72 hours surge in price normally suggests an urgency - usually due to front run trading on leakage of information. The chatter alludes to a big deal with Bursa. What...

ICON Plunges Further

Judging  by the collapse in ICON (5255) it does really looks like it is called off. Which I already pointed out Wednesday. ICON share price has plunged while that of UMWOG up as common sense and logic would dictate.

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