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AZRB A Boost If ECRL Does Comeback Into Play

This piece of news is actionable (tradable)  One stock which you can consider is this piece which you may have or can find in i3investor. Blogger does some pretty decent stuff although some of you may beg to differ on some of his calls. Honestly speaking no one can ever claim to have a 20/20 track record when it comes to stock recommendations/v...

SMetrics Whispers Review 75 Days Later

Here is a quick review of an old story I posted last November. Stock (0203) is on the march moving towards steadily upwards since mid Jan and now head towards its opening day high of 56 sen. Price was around 44-45 when I posted that whisper note.  Gist of the post in November was a market mopping up exercise of the free float - top 8 investors ...

E&O Will The Board Respond To The Slaying?

E&O (3417) despite all the negative narratives you are reading this week since it announced a 'negative surprise' fund raiser (RM250m-RM55m) via a rights with free warrants and private placement is now a contrarian trading buy. The white noise in the background about how weak the high end property market etc etc could not be more irrelevant ...

Malton Pavilion BJ In Play


Is China Really Cheating?

I see two important message in this article by Stephen Roach in Bloomberg this morning. Stephen was the head economist for Morgan Stanley and at the height of his career was well known for his views especially on Asia economies and at that time - up until his retirement in 2012 - China. The emerging Panda (Tiger). I have always always found his ...

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