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IQGroup Insider Buying Lights Up The Way

Last week I posted this on IQGroup (5107). Pull the trigger Boss! Mr Chen obliged. My hunch was correct. Same day. Mr Beasley the following trading day. Check this out on the chart.  So we now have confirmation from insiders that they think it is oversold based on their purchases. I would take a bet on the odds its 3Q number will return int...

Ringgit A Contrarian Blowback Effect

If this thing pans out, expect to see buying interests come back into the main export proxies on Bursa. Furniture and techs are just two of the badly mauled sectors partly due to the Ringgit and as well as the broader weak market sentiment.

Ajinomoto's Quiet Celebration Of A Record QR

I see a good upside to Ajinomoto (2658) based on its most recent QR. The sell down in August following the sharp drop in its 1Q results now appears overdone. The explanation given for the shockingly poor results in August is in the immediate image below.  In its latest results (2Q), however, management kinda waved off the issues of high invento...

MW Is Short OSI Systems

Another piece of good forensic work by MW

Comcorp One For The Bucket List

The market is so sluggish and sentiment so weak as we sail towards the year end with portfolios clobbered here and there. News flow is so dry.  So here is a little review of my last take on Comcorp (7195). I am surprised to see how weak prices are. That special dividend as I warned was nothing special.   This post has no value add. I am merely m...

Hartalega Made The Reserve List

Hartalega (5168) disappointed investors hoping for it to get onto the FTSE KLCI Indices  in the semi-annual review. It did not as speculated by an IB. Prices fell a tart 41 sen to close at RM9.15. Intraday low was RM9.09. However, it made the Reserve List. That is a potential catalyst or at least an excuse for another round of preempting positio...

Sime Darby Trumps Sisters

My expectations in January this year on which of the 3 Simes' after the Group splits into 3 that would end up the better beauty in the eyes of institutions. I betted on Sime Darby.   The end results yesterday. Sime Darby was clearly the winner and investors favourite throughout the day. Not bad. LoL

IQGroup Now What

Minutes into the psychologically shocking opening price collapse in IQGroup (5107) this morning - RM2.11 - down 23.55% - hurt bulls were out in full force in investing forum lampooning management. Perfectly understandable. Don't get too swept away by this mass condemnation of the Co...

Sime Darby Break-Up SOP

Here is CIMB's report on Sime Darby (4197) et al.   sime.darby.pdf

IQGroup Another Let Down

IQGroup (5107) delivered shareholders a big shock in August when it delivered another sequential weak quarter results (1Q ended June 2017). Management had this to say about the results and as well as outlook. Current and emerging initiatives. See how badly the market reacted to the results that time (August) as opposed to 3 months earlier in the...