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Comfort Moves

Here it comes. RM1.00 on Comfort (2127). Check out what I said a month ago on breaking this price barrier. Stock just made a move. Technically if you are a trader this is a price and volume break plus 50 minutes

Heveaboard What If A Greenmail Offer Lurks?


Comcorp A Little Too Late To Jump In

The disposal of BCM Electronics for RM123.8m and the proposed special dividend of 45 sen per share by Comcorp (7195) last Friday raises the following question. Is it too late to enter? My thoughts. First, what I last observed and said about this trampoline stock.  I didn't see this coming. No one did I believe except the Board members themselve...

Canone KYY Typical Under The Radar Strategy

My hunch that KYY was responsible for most of the volume traded on Wednesday was wrong based on this filing. He still holds 4.999% stake in Canone (5105). Amazingly he reported that he sold just 946.400 shares on that day versus the day's volume of 7.848m shares  So where did the other shares (selling) come from? Who was the more negative to sel...

How A Growing Christian Movement Is Seeking To Change America

Courtesy of Courtesy of Brad Christerson, Biola University and Richard Flory, University of Southern California – Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Adam Rozanas, CC BY-NC-ND Last week, from Oct. 6 to 9, the National Mall in Washington, D.C. was filled with tents, worship music and prayer for the “Awaken the Dawn” rally. The purpose...

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