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MBSB Seeks Leverage In Affordable Housing

Hmm..... is RM6b in disbursement for affordable home financing a big number for MBSB (1171)?   Based on the outstanding loans under 'Mortgage Loans and property financing' as at the end of last year, RM6b is more than a double over RM4.5b as guided above.  A nice bump. In the grapevine, I hear whispers that the stock is headed North based prim...

Liars Liars Pants On Fire

Most of us know better than to trust politicians wholesale especially when it comes to geo-political narratives. Even then, I must admit that the events unfolding in 2018 have been a bit of an adrenalin rush in cheering on the good guys from the bad. From Salisbury to Syria, what an incredible start to the year.    

GE 14 HSBC's Primer

FY reading pleasure minus all the partisan emotions malaysian.elections_hsbc.1.pdf

Mob Rule At The White House

by Michael Winship  But while we may not be at the extraction point yet, increasingly there are those who think the endgame for this administration is nigh—and indeed, that would be the righteous outcome. I blame Tony Soprano. As entertaining and compelling as the “The Sopranos” was back in the day—and I certainly count myself among its fans—by ...

War Next? Trump's Out Of Control USA

Watch out for war breaking out in the ME - yes - the same bunch of neocons - US, UK etc - are again planning to rain bombs on Syria.  In the last 24 hours, Saddam Hussain, Colonel Gaddafi, now Assad.... Watch this rare opposing view by of all stations, Fox News. It confirms what a lot of people fear - John Bolton - will get his war wish. https...

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